Sistemas Genómicos S.L. (SG)

In 1998 Sistemas Genómicos (SG) was founded, the first Spanish firm, and one of the first in Europe, to specialize in DNA sequencing. From 2000 to 2003, SG opened up its field of action in the Agrofood sector. Since then it focuses on analyzing transgenic foods and on offering its genetic food authentication service known as AutentiGen®. This service enabled the firm to become the first Spanish laboratory dedicated to analyze genetically modified organisms.

In 2005, the firm made history by participating in the first DNA sequencing of a plant organism: the Arabidopsis thaliana plant. This milestone permitted the firm to invest in better large-scale DNA sequencing technologies. During this time, the company started to participate in several international projects, such as “International Tomato Sequencing Project”. This was the largest contribution to sequencing genomes done in Spain. Within this project, SG also contributed to the sequencing of melon and olive genomes. In its eagerness to innovate and invest in new technologies, the firm acquired an ultrasequencing platform. In 2008, it became the Official Service Provider in Europe on this kind of services. This acquisition allowed the company to assess and participate in different projects related to nutrigenomics from a transcriptional approach.

As SG has broad experience in massive sequencing, its main task in the GoodBerry project is to analyze the whole transcriptome in different stages of berries. Using New Generation Sequencing techniques to carry out the RNA-seq analysis, SG analyzes gene expression in flower initiation and dormancy and fruit quality. SG participates in the collaboration of data integration, amongst others.

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Dr Rebeca Miñambres Herrái
Sistemas Genómicos S.L.

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    Dr Amparo Girós
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