GoodBerry Concept

GoodBerry will use novel approaches for genetic improvement of berries in different environments which is absent in current breeding programs - caused by the genetic complexity of these species and the complex plant-environment interaction and particular management practices.

conceptProject Management and Scientific Coordination (WP7)Dissemination, Exploitation and Training (WP6)Data Management and Analysis (WP5)Environmental impact on fruit quality (WP4)RegulatoryAuthoritiesProducersBreedersProcessingIndustriesConsumerAssociationsMarketDistributionScientific CommunityGrowersAssociationsStakeholdersImproved tools for berry germplasm genotypingImproved berry germplasm phenotypingCultivation techniques for yield stability and season extensionDevelopment of molecular markers for MASEnsuring production in changing climate Reducing environmental impactHigh quality production Post-harvest quality stability of fresh fruit Economic viability Project outcomes, reports, dissemination, prototypes, IP, knowledge based informationQTL architecture across environments (WP3)Management Practices (WP2) Plant Adaptation(WP 1)