GoodBerry Objectives

GoodBerry will provide the necessary knowledge and procedures to facilitate the development of highly productive and top quality berry fruits, even under multiple suboptimal growth conditions at competitive costs. The main objectives of GoodBerry are:

Objective 1

Identification of cultivated strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant varieties which will keep the balance between fruit quality and yield in adverse environmental growth conditions.

Objective 2

Development of new strategies and cultivation techniques which will show better plasticity of the berry plants under climate changes.

Objective 3

Determination of adaptive characteristics for new strawberry populations in different geographic locations within the EU.

Objective 4

Development and application of modern OMICs techniques to identify new factors (alleles, genes, metabolites) which control fruit quality and production of berries under different environmental conditions.

Objective 5

Generation of a public database which will contain detailed information on analyses performed and cultivation techniques as well as environmental information from different cultivated berries planted in different geographic locations.

Objective 6

Training of personnel from public and private entities.

Objective 7

Dissemination of results to user communities and the broad public.