Goodbye GoodBerry, hello high-quality berry fruits

After 48 months of intense research and lively and inspiring collaboration, the GoodBerry activities have come to an end in February 2020. Coordinated by Sonia Osorio and her team at Universidad de Málaga (UMA), the 19 partners from industry and research successfully concluded the project.

The project has come a long way since its kick-off in April 2016: the most comprehensive exploration of traditional berry fruits under multiple non-favourable growth conditions so far. This exploration was possible thanks to joining forces between scientists and breeders in different European-wide environments. The collected information resulted in a tremendous data set that has been generated by the multiple field experiments, phenotypic, genotypic and sensory analyses performed during the project lifetime.

This represents an unprecedented level of information of berry fruits with important insights not only for environment and management practices on yield potential, fruit quality and disease management of the three crops in focus but also to help defining what makes a local variety special or different from another and what varieties could be of interest to grow or use further.