GoodBerry partners at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 in February

For its final symposium, GoodBerry was present at Fruit Logistica 2020 on February 05-07 in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition with focus on the fresh produce business was held over three days and is attended by about 3.200 exhibitors and 78.000 trade visitors every year. The program of the exhibition was complemented by parallel sessions of oral presentations subdivided in different categories.

As part of the GoodBerry consortium Annika Haugeneder (Technische Universität München), Dr. Dorota Jarret (James Hutton Institute), Dr. Erika Krüger (Hochschule Geisenheim), Peter Melis (Proefcentrum Hoogstraten) and Arne Stensvand (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research) gave five oral presentations at “Fresh Produce Forum” and “Future Lab” on the following topics:

Fresh Produce Forum (60’ slot)

Topic: Berries: Improved harvests and qualities in times of climate change

Annika Haugeneder

Investigation of the influence of genotype and environment on fruit quality parameters of strawberries and raspberries

Dr. Dorota Jarret

Comparison of several genotypes of blackcurrant as a model processing fruit grown in four locations across Europe provides insights into Genotype x Environment interactions.

Dr. Erika Krüger

New insights in the impact of genotype and environment on flower initiation and dormancy in strawberry, raspberry and black currant - Comparison of different genotypes grown in several climatic zones

Future Lab (30’ slot)

Topic: UV-C control for mildew control in strawberries

Prof. Arne Stensvand and Peter Melis
More information on GoodBerry presentations can be found here.