James Hutton Institute (JHI)

The James Hutton Institute (JHI) is the premier UK crop and environment institute (~680 staff/120 PhD students) formed from the legacy institutes Scottish Crop Research and the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute. The JHI has state-of-the-art molecular biology, organic and inorganic chemistry laboratories, and a range of associated analytical equipment and capabilities. The institute has extensive glasshouse facilities and operates several environmentally controlled rooms to support the research work, including cold rooms, freezers, constant temperature and growth rooms. JHI has also electronic, machine and carpentry workshops, able to manufacture and repair equipment to order. The JHI has around 215 ha of field space available to conduct a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and environmental trials in Dundee and nearby Balruddery Farm, and also has very extensive genetic resources available for experimentation, particularly in cereals, potatoes and soft fruit species.

The JHI is engaged to deliver evidence-based solutions to the global challenges facing land and natural resource use both now and in the future. The JHI’s mission is to deliver the highest quality integrated and innovative science that contributes knowledge, products and services to meet the multiple demands on land and natural resources.

Within the GoodBerry project, JHI contributes to the establishment and phenotypic evaluation of elite cultivars of Rubus and Ribes with differing environmental responses, to compare developmental traits with data from similar trials from other locations. In addition, JHI analyses the fruit quality components including total and specific anthocyanins, in Ribes samples from all relevant partners.

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