Open Campus in Geisenheim – GoodBerry reaches out to young & old alike

The Hochschule Geisenheim University opened its doors to the public for an entire weekend in the beginning of September 2017. A diverse programme comprising information stands, lectures, tastings and guided tours was offered during these Open Days to bring around 2,000 interested guests closer to science & research.

In the course of this Open Campus, GoodBerry partner Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) organised two GoodBerry events “Examining currant buds under the microscope” and “Understanding genetic information: DNA extraction from fruits”. During the first event, currant buds were examined under the microscope to see flower buds for the next year which are already visible now. The interested audience was very impressed by the delicate structure of the flower buds. At the second event, HGU demonstrated how genetic information of fruits can be isolated with simple household items to take them home afterwards.

Two posters explaining HGU’s role & tasks in the GoodBerry project and the GoodBerry roll-up were displayed during the Open Days to a broad audience creating further visibility for the project.

Open Campus posters explaining GoodBerry tasks (in German)

    Maximilian Metze from HGU representing GoodBerry

    Examining currant buds under the microscope with Dr Erika Krüger from HGU