Science you can touch & feel – GoodBerry events at the Open Campus in Geisenheim

From 02-03 September 2017, the Hochschule Geisenheim University opens its doors to the public for an entire weekend. The Open Days offer a diverse programme for young and old alike to bring the audience closer to science & research. The different institutes present themselves with information stands along with many lectures and events for families, students and other guests.

In the course of this Open Day, GoodBerry partner Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) will organise the two GoodBerry events “Examining currant buds under the microscope” and “Understanding genetic information: DNA extraction from fruits”. During the first event, currant buds are examined under the microscope to check when flower buds will be formed for the next year. At the second event, HGU will demonstrate how genetic information of fruits can be isolated with simple household items to take them home afterwards. Two posters and the GoodBerry roll-up will be displayed during the Open Day to a broad audience creating further visibility for the project.

Please find detailed information about the Open Campus on the official website.