Harvesting knowledge at the 3rd International Strawberry Congress

The 3rd International Strawberry Congress will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from September 06-08, 2017. The hosts have put together an excellent programme that offers the unique combination of commercial strategy and scientific research – a bridge between commercialisation and science.

As part of the organising committee, the local GoodBerry partner Proefcentrum Hoogstraten (PH) is delighted to co-host the event that will consist of keynote lectures, poster presentations, panel discussions and field trips. With marketing, scientific and technical sessions there is something for everyone from the strawberry world.

A number of GoodBerry partners are actively involved in the congress as part of the scientific committee (Beatrice Denoyes / INRA, Erika Krüger / HGU, Peter Melis / PH, Bruno Mezzetti / UPM, Klaus Olbricht / Hansabred, Anita Sønsteby / NIBIO, Yves Desjardins / SAB) as well as presenters:

  • Anita Sønsteby (NIBIO) will give a keynote speech on “Environmental control of flowering and dormancy in strawberry“
  • Bruno Mezzetti and Luca Mazzoni (UPM) will present “Breeding for resilient strawberries with high quality and phytochemicals content”
  • Peter Melis (PH) will speak about “Comparing an integrated pest management with a chemical control strategy in multiple strawberry cultivations”

On the final day, an excursion to the Hoogstraten Producers Association is being organized. Strawberries are the main quality product of the cooperation who works closely with GoodBerry partner Proefcentrum Hoogstraten (PH). In the region around Hoogstraten, a year-round production of strawberries is possible through a combination of different cultivation systems and the preservation of plant material in cooling cells. The taste and quality of Hoogstraten strawberries earned them a unique prestige reputation around the world.

For more information visit the official event website.

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