GoodBerry kicks off project activities in Málaga to mark successful project start

The GoodBerry project was officially launched at the kick-off meeting from 14-15 April 2016 and hosted by the coordinating institution Universidad de Málaga on its premises. The meeting was a perfect opportunity for the consortium members to come together for the first time and to lay the foundation for a successful cooperation in the years ahead.

The kick-off meeting was introduced by the scientific coordinator Dr Sonia Osorio and the work package leaders provided detailed information about the scientific work as well as project management, contractual and administrative issues within GoodBerry. This was complemented by targeted discussions of the next steps towards future planning.

GoodBerry seeks (1) to identify berry germplasm exhibiting advantageous balance of production vs nutritional quality throughout the European Union, (2) to search for innovative production systems to maintain high yield in a range of European-wide environments and (3) to develop standardized and reliable analytical tools evaluating berry production and fruit quality under suboptimal growing conditions.

GoodBerry has received funding from the European Union / Horizon 2020 with a total budget of €4.87 million and the project has a duration of four years, starting on 01 March 2016. GoodBerry is characterized by a multi-actor approach including academic groups with extensive experience in plant breeding, plant genomics, and plant metabolite profiling and SME’s from the berry-breeding sector.

The GoodBerry Consortium